Song Links 2003


Disc 1 English Songs and Singers

1          Sweet Jenny Of The Moor (Tony Rose)
2          Here’s Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (The Copper Family)
3          The Female Sailor Bold (John Kirkpatrick)
4          The Foggy Dew (Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher)
5          Lord Franklin (Louis Killen)
6          When Jone’s Ale Was New (John Kirkpatrick)
Claudy Banks (The Copper Family)
8          Lost In A Wood (Shirley Collins)
9          Barbara Allen (Martin Carthy)
10        Baby Lie Easy (Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher)
11        Down By The Green Bushes (Bob Copper)
12        The Banks Of The Nile (Nancy Kerr & James Fagan)
13        Willie The Bold Sailor Boy (Norma Waterson)
14        The Golden Vanity (Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher)
15        The Bonny Bunch Of Roses – O (Bob Copper)
16        All For Me Grog (Louis Killen)
17        The Convicts Lamentation
(John Kirkpatrick)

Disc 2 Australian Songs and Singers

1          The Banks Of Claudy (Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton)
2          The Female Rambling Sailor (Martyn Wyndham – Read)
3          Across The Western Plains (Dave de Hugard)
4          The Green Bushes (James Fagan)
5          The Loss Of Bob Mahoney (Danny Spooner)
6          The Golden Vanity (Martyn Wyndham – Read)
7          Moreton Bay (Dave de Hugard)
8          Lovely Nancy (Cathie O’Sullivan)
9          Babes In The Wood (Martyn Wyndham – Read)
10        The Wee One (Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton)
11        The Banks Of The Condamine (Nancy Kerr & James Fagan)
12        Barbary Ellen (Cathie O’Sullivan)
13        The Foggy Dew (Martyn Wyndham – Read)
14        Ginny Of The Moor (Dave de Hugard)
15        Jones’s Ale (Danny Spooner)
16        The Lost Sailor (Cathie O’Sullivan)
17        The Bonny Bunch Of Roses – O (
Martyn Wyndham –Read)



For photographs from the 2003 Song Links evening,
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The concert is over and the CD launched, the dust settled and what a day it was. We played to a full house with an enthusiastic and receptive audience. It was so good to be on stage with the Copper Family, John Kirkpatrick, Dave Fletcher and Bill Whaley, Mary Humphries and Anahata, Iris Bishop, Gary Holder and John Dipper. Shirley Collins did a fantastic job narrating the concert . Bill Warder of Unicorn Sound did a wonderful job and many people paid him and his crew some great compliments.

Lawrence Heath introduced the concert in his normal relaxed manner setting the mode for us all. Paul and Linda Adams of Fellside Records along with Mary Blood, Edgar Waters and the NLA in Canberra have produced this first class CD package, it is exactly as I had envisaged it when this Song Links project first became an idea, and Paul gave a great speech to officially launch the  Song Links  CD.


The wonderful feeling I have about all this is that we are singing English and Australian traditional songs with no gimmicks and they are being so well received. I trust you will enjoy this Song Links CD as much as we did in the making of it.
                                                                  Martyn Wyndham-Read