Sunlit Plains



English born Wyndham-Read is so closely associated with the  folk music of Australia that even those hard bitten nationals would  like to take him home to meet Mum. Largely responsible for bringing  the work of the so-called 'Bush Poets' to wider notice, that alone  the work of the so-called 'Bush Poets' to wider notice, that alone  should guarantee his entry into the Who's Who of Folk





1          Where Silence Reigns (Stewart / Keesing / Wyndham-Read ) Fellsongs Music
2          The Gift Of Years (Bogle) Campbell Connelly
3          New Life, New Love (Lawson / Wyndham-Read) Fellsongs Music
4          The Declaration (Neilson / Wyndham-Read) Fellsongs Music
5          Across The Warego (Grahame) Copy. Cont.
6          Susquehanna (Wyndham-Read) Fellsongs Music
7          Oh For Me Grog (Trad arr. Wyndham-Read) Fellsongs Music
8          I Don’t Go Shearing ( Stewart / Keesing / Wyndham-Read) Fellsongs Music
9          Shepherd On The Fell (Miles) Copy. Cont.
10        Somewhere In America (Bogle) Campbell Connelly
11        Donald Sullivan (Miles) Copy. Cont.
12        Never – Neverland (Lawson / Wyndham-Read) Fellsongs Music
13        Aged Stockman (Smith / Wyndham-Read) Fellsongs Music
14        Shearer’s Nightmare (Anon) P.D.

Martyn Wyndham –Read 
Guitar, Vocals ; Iris Bishop Accordian, Concertina’s;
Chris Leslie
Fiddle; Jez Lowe Harmonica; Linda Adams Banjo; Rosie Cross Hammered Dulcimer; Martin Hall Bass Harmony; Bryan Stewart Bass Guitar; Duncan Murray Piano.

Fellside Recordings  FECD 102