Beyond the Red Horizon




The tone is set by the opening track (Genoa) - a setting of Henry Lawson's poem, delivered in Martyn's strong yet attractive warm voice, accompanied by the distinctive blend of accordion,  guitar and bass of No Man's Band.




1          Genoa (Lawson / Wyndham-Read)
2          Where The Brumbies Come To Water
(Morant arr. Wyndham-Read)
3          Shining Down On Sennen
(O’Connor / M.O’Connor)
4          The Teams
(Lawson / Kempster)
5          The Broken Hearted Shearer & The Mudgee Waltz
(Trad. Arr Wyndham-Read)
6          I Dreamed Of Phoebe
(Bennett Copy Cont)
7          Down The River
(Lawson / Wyndham-Read)
8          The Constant Lovers
(Trad arr. Wyndham-Read)
9          The Black Swans
(Harrington / Wyndham-Read)
10        The Lapwing’s Feather
(Miles Copy Cont)
11        From Severn By The Somme
(Graebe Copy Cont)
12        The Banks Of Claudy
(Trad arr. Wyndham-Read)
13        Silence And Tears
(Bryon / Wyndham-Read)
14        Buncloudy 
(Trad arr. Wyndham- Read)
15        Tomahawking Fred
(Trad arr. Wyndham-Read)
16        Possumland 
(Lawson / Wyndham – Read)

Martyn Wyndham-Read  Vocals, Guitar; Iris Bishop Accordian, Duet Concertina, Gary Holder Bass; Ian Holder Accordian; Terry Potter Mouth Organ;  with assistance from Bob Winquist Fiddle, Viola; Linda Adams Harmony vocals on The Banks Of Claudy

Fellside Recordings FECD146