Beneath a Southern Sky




This is the classic Martyn Wyndham-Read style and material. Martyn's vocals are of the expected high quality and the addition  of the bass, fiddle and concertina brings a welcome depth to the  sound. Martyn's ability to present and interpret songs and stories  sets him well above many artists.




1          A Shearer’s Lament / Orataba Waltz  (O’Connor & Wyndham-Read / Trad)
2          Emu Plains 
3          The Colonial
(Weston / Wyndham-Read)
4          My Eldorado
5          Lambs On The Green Hills
6          Heel and Toe Polka
7          Sailor Home From Sea
(Hewitt / Wyndham-Read)
8          Faithful Emma
9          Goorianawa
10        The Lily / Exercise 77
(MacDonald – Bols / Miles)
11        The Best  Of Autumn
12        Banks Of The Tees
( Miles)
13        Off To The Shearing
(Woods / Wyndham-Read)
14        The Swaggie Snake & Frog / Ebb Wren’s Scottishe
(Trad / Wren)

Martyn Wyndham – Read  Vocals, Guitar; Iris Bishop Duet & Anglo Concertina’s, Accordian; Mike O’Connor Fiddle; Gary Holder Bass; Linda Adams Banjo; Maggie Goodall Chorus Vocals. 

Fellside Recordings  FECD115